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Our Founding - The Anthony Wayne Rotary Club was founded on Monday, June 21, 1961, when the New Haven Rotary Club received its charter at a 6:00 p.m. ceremony at New Haven High School. The guest of honor was Clifford A. Rendall, President of Rotary International for 1958-1959. Clarence Curie, then Governor of District 654 (now 6540), presented the Rotary gavel to inaugural president Micky M. Miller, a prominent New Haven attorney. Because the ceremony was held in a public building, the members of the Club were forced to employ the ingenuity later to become the hallmark of the Club: suitable beverages were provided at the Miller household after the installation ceremony.

Our Service - The first meetings were held at Hall's Restaurant across from North American Lines.  Later, the club met at the Gerber Haus Restaurant on the north side of Fort Wayne.  The Club changed its name to Anthony Wayne (a prominent revolutionary war military figure, General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, after whom the City of Fort Wayne is named) on July 1, 1972.  The Club's service immediately focused upon youth. An annual Christmas party was held for the organization then known as the New Haven Orphans. The club also bestowed a public speaking award and a scholarship to the student Rotarian from New Haven High School with the highest grade point average. Over the years the Club has expanded the student scholarship program to include nine area high schools with a student representative from each high school visiting the Club each week throughout the school year. Additionally, the Club also selects at least one neglected historical marker within Allen County, Indiana each year for refurbishment.
Our Culture - Visitors will be hard pressed to find a more friendly and jocular group than Anthony Wayne Rotary. Egos and pretense are not welcomed. Fellowship and camaraderie are highly prized. From its inception, the Club emphasized fellowship highlighted by the annual "educational" trip to the Arlington Park Raceway on the bus of Micky Miller. In recent years, the Club has a golf tournament, tennis tournament, bowling nights, volleyball night, a Wizards' baseball night, and a basketball night. The emphasis is on camaraderie and fellowship and competition (with the possible exception of the golf outing) takes a backseat.

Our Vision - In its 45+ years of existence the Club has been led by distinguished men and women of vision, skill and energy. Our mission will be to continue to propagate the spirit of Rotary. The Club's members emphasize service above self. Join us at one of our meetings and share Rotary camaraderie with the men and women of Anthony Wayne Rotary.

Our Purpose - The purpose of Anthony Wayne Rotary is to provide humanitarian service to our local and international communities through active Club membership.  We want to be recognized as the pre-eminent service organization in our community by:

- Being effective, vibrant and dynamic.

- Developing a strong, growing and active membership that reflects the diversity of vocations and people in the area.

- Continuing to strengthen our finances to support the club and to carry out the community, vocational and international service projects
  that meet the needs of
the community and the world.

- Building a dedicated, well-trained and energized leadership team to guide the club and to support the District and Rotary International.