As many know Tom Heiny was known for his Letters to the Editor of the local newspapers.  His son, Chris, placed the following touching Letter to the Editor honoring his Father.
Published: June 16, 2013 3:00 a.m.
Letters to the editor
Wise words still relevant even after Dad’s passing
My dad, Tom Heiny, wrote many letters to the editor. Dad died May 5, and now I write one in honor of him.
My dad was my first hero. He could do anything. He took me aside when I was very young and set me on a course of reaching for the best in life. That teaching never deserted me no matter what I faced. Dad stressed character and modeled a method of fairness that I thought was extraordinary. It so impressed me that I carried it into all my personal and professional dealings as a foundational model.
In these last few years Dad aged with a lot of courage. He faced significant health challenges and limitations. And through it all, he never failed to tell the world how wonderful Mom is and he never failed to say thank you for the smallest courtesy or assistance. What a graceful way to live in a most challenging time.
The last few months I saw peace, love, humor and the angel’s presence in Dad’s eyes. And though I could see that he was getting tired, I could also see that he knew where he was going. The best of who I am is because of what Dad taught me. I could ask for no better father.
I also write this letter with a message. Our times together pass all too quickly. Never take your loved ones for granted. Their gifts and blessings in your life are truly irreplaceable. We can pursue many roads, but in the end it is the quality and content of our relationships with one another that matter most.