Anthony Wayne Rotary updated the Carole Lombard Monument. 


August 2014 Update: About a little over a year since my first visit to the Carole Lombard Home, I was lucky enough to be in the area once again to cover a story about the nearbyAuburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. I couldn’t resist dropping by once again, since the Carole Lombard Home is easily one of my favorite spots in Indiana. How can it not be? Crossing the bridge over the St. Mary’s River and glimpsing the teal Queen Anne Victorian home on the corner is just as magical to me as it was on that rainy July day when I first visited.


I’m happy to say that Rick and Cora are still as wonderful and welcoming as ever, and continue to recognize the delightful history to their beautiful home. Best of all, they put so much love and care into the upkeep of their amazing house, which is certainly no easy feat. They are still planning to repaint the home, and possibly change the color, and are considering a new deck to better glimpse the nearby river and Carole Lombard Memorial Bridge. The city of Fort Wayne is exploring the possibility of better developing the land around the river and will be working on cleaning up the St. Mary’s River for the citizens and tourists of Fort Wayne.


Since my last visit, the Anthony Wayne Rotary members restored the plaque marking the home. The plaque is in much better condition, with no changes in text. The plaque was dedicated anew in a special ceremony outside the home.

Shiny and new!

Shiny and new!DSC02218

Before Anthony Wayne Rotary Restored the Placque

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